The European Union (EU) Observatory for Nanomaterials (EUON)announcedon March 19, 2021, that it is looking for topic suggestions that could be addressed in its upcoming studies. According to EUON, up to three studies are conducted annually to address knowledge gaps on nanomaterials that are of interest to the general public and the research community. EUON states that it seeks studies that address:

  • Questions relating to the health and safety of nanomaterials, including hazard and risk assessment, exposure to nanomaterials, or worker safety and protection;
  • Specific issues surrounding the uses of nanomaterials; or
  • Information about markets for nanomaterials (g。,market for specific materials, such as graphene, or specific market sectors).

该研究的范围通常可以在纳米材料上,一般,特定的纳米材料或限定的纳米材料组,betway官方网站并且应该在三到九个月内进行研究。研究应基于桌面研究和调查,不应要求实验室研究。提案为期April 19, 2021。EUON秘书处将评估所有研究建议。选择的研究将通过EUON现有的采购渠道进行。结果和研究报告将在EUON网站上公开提供。