The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has published two nanotechnology standards:

  • ISO 21363:2020“Nanotechnologies — Measurements of particle size and shape distributions by transmission electron microscopy”: The standard specifies how to capture, measure, and analyze transmission electron microscopy images to obtain particle size and shape distributions in the nanoscale. According to ISO, the standard is broadly applicable to nano-objects, as well as to particles with sizes larger than 100 nanometers (nm). ISO states that the exact working range of the method depends on the required uncertainty and on the performance of the transmission electron microscope. These elements can be evaluated according to the requirements described in this document; and
  • ISO / TS 21975:2020“纳米技术 - 聚合物纳米复合薄膜用于食品包装的具有阻隔性能 - 规范特性和测量方法的“:该标准规定的特征,包括阻隔性能,以用于改进的食品包装的聚合物纳米复合材料膜的测量。ISO规定的阻隔性能覆盖气体(氧气),水蒸汽传输,以及紫外(UV)光-Vis透明度。该标准还介绍了相关的测量方法。ISO指出,标准的地址既不安全和健康问题有关的食品包装,也没有环境方面。